Thursday, September 24, 2009

What will happen if CDBaby does die...?

I'm finally getting some traction on this blog and, to fully leverage the traffic, I wanted to post the most pressing (unanswered) question in my mind:

What will happen to my relationship with iTunes and Napster et al if CDBaby goes down the tubes?
1) Will iTunes simply drop my catalogue?
2) Will Napster not know where to funnel my payments to?
3) Will any attempts to re-establish existing catalogues get turned down as "double submissions"?

I usually try to present what I think is most likely, but in this case, I'll be honest... I haven't a clue. More than likely, the answer to the above will vary from one carrier to the next. Considering CDBaby distributed to dozens of places... untangling our next steps will be tedious to say the least.

Okay, and, well maybe I have another pressing question that is pertinent as all CDBaby Artists fire off in all directions signing up with every web gadget in the webosphere:

How much harm are we doing to the slight chance we have at someday getting that "magical break" that "one chance" at the big time? If an interested label suddenly realises that our song rights are tied up in dozens of various Terms of Service agreements in dozens of jurisdictions globally, might they just walk away?

The term "Look before you leap" comes to mind but in this case, "Look before you hopscotch" might be more à-propos.

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