Sunday, July 19, 2009

If you broke it when it wasn't broke... you'd best fix it better than it ever was!

"If it ain't broke... break it..."
I have no idea who coined that phrase but I found it refreshing when it first came out only because I was so tired of hearing the original version of it. But, like so many other tried-and-true phrases, the original is... well... tried and true:
"If it ain't broke... don't fix it!"
This is exactly what Discmakers didn't do when they took the reigns from Derek Sivers and began taking CDBaby in a new direction. The mass population of artists and indie music lovers were ready for the change and, particularly from an industry leveraging potential for "the little guy", the possibilities were downright mouth-watering.

Unfortunately, it really hasn't gone the way anyone expected. OUCH!

So now, we have some artists ready to give up on CDBaby, others screaming to go back to the good old days, and potentially new artists and consumers turned off right from the start. The smart thing will be for CDBaby (read: "Discmakers") to earn the loyalty of their artist base once more by coming to the table with offering the likes of which have never been seen.

As I said in my post:
"Perhaps you'll offer true on-demand one-off manufacturing of 4-panel shrink-wrapped CDs in standard jewel cases for US *and* international artists at no more than $5.00 US a unit AND ringtones AND ticket sales AND an ability to upload and sell swag too as a 'thank you' for our saintly patience...?"
...and here's a new one for you (and you can quote me on it cause I made it up):
"If you broke it when it wasn't broke... you'd best fix it better than it ever was!"

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