Sunday, July 5, 2009

Finger Tips

Ever had this happen...? You've got one or three gigs coming up and you're looking forward to them and everything's peachy keen but then well, you're maybe not quite thinking straight and you spot this tiny bit of skin on the middle finger of your left hand and before your brain can throw on the brakes, you pull off way more than just a tiny bit of loose skin... in fact... as you pull away... you realise the whole callus came off. Then you get home that night and you start rehearsing and before you get half a bar in your finger is sending searing zingers right up your arms...

Has this ever happened to you? I've done it before but never this close to three gigs in a row...

What's the quick fix? The McGiver trick that'll regrow that most important part of your finger? Clear nailpolish?

I panicked and contacted my old friend Rick Watson (who also happens to be among the best guitar players I've ever had the honour of playing with). Within minutes, he responded with this:
"Go to any Running room store, buy some fake skin (it's used to heal blisters). That or a band-aid is probably your best bet."
So there you have it. Fake skin... whod'a thunk?


Colie Brice said...

Well I like to play b lues, so the pain actually helps :)


IndieDIY said...

Hadn't quite thought of that angle. Thanks Colie!

Could that possibly be the inspiration for your next project? "The Self-Mutilating Blues"...! =)