Friday, October 5, 2007

DIY Studio:
Part 5 - "There's Pain... and there's Motrin Pain..."

Brace yourself... Mom & Dad (or whomever else shares the household with you) will be pleased as punch but you'll be cussing ten ways to Sunday because all the sound will be staying in and crashing repeatedly into your sensitive young (you're young, right?) eardrums in sickening barf-inducing fashion. If you just plop yourself down in your brand new finished studio thinking you can start playing right away, do they say... "You'se got another thing comin'!"

Now's the time to start surfing and reading up on home studios and the management of acoustics. There's plenty of sites you've already come across before getting to mine that talked about how to manage sound inside your studio. Like I mentioned in Part 4, my studio has enough freaky angles to break up the sound naturally. Therefore, I don't know what's best. Though, if I had had to come up with a cheap solution, I would have learned to make quiche, omlettes, or whatever else takes a lot of eggs and pasted the empty egg cartons throughout the studio. Seriously.

It's your choice. You can go to great expenses and buy all kinds of contraptions that'll almost work as good as egg cartons or carpet remnants, so, if it's "the look" you're after, then by all means, invest. Otherwise, go to your nearest carpet manufacturer/installer and buy some trimmings for a few bucks and you will be playing music in your studio by this time tomorrow.


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