Sunday, September 30, 2007

DIY Studio:
Part 3 - Lighting Fixtures

I opted to install wall sconces - my wife thinks it was because of my sensitive side, but actually, it was for practicality - since you want to minimize the noise going up, try to punch the fewest holes in the ceiling. Thus, opt for wall mounted lighting or, better still, no lighting at all and bring in table lights and such and plug them into the many outlets you'll have installed.

You are pre-wiring tons of plugs, right...?

Now, a word of warning... when I put in my lighting, I thought I'd get fancy and put in a dimmer. "What better way to echo whatever mood of music I was playing" or so I thought. Unfortunately, that blasted dimmer introduces a hiss into my recordings and causes my electric guitar to become something resembling an AM radio transponder. I'm sure encasing the wiring in insulated conduits *before* installing drywall would have done the trick, but in my case, it was too late.

So anytime I record, I turn off the sconces.


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