Thursday, May 3, 2007

Why 'IndieDIY"?

Why did I choose this name for my blog? Simple, really. It seems to me that most Independent Musicians out there don't realize just how easy it is to be independent. Frankly, based solely on the glut of companies tripping over each other to offer "Fantastic Services Never Before Available to Indie Musicians for Just $29.95/month (plus $6.99 per submission fee)" one has to wonder where the meaning of "independent" has gone.

Therefore, 'IndieDIY' is here to remind Indies that, if nothing else, we are independent do-it-yourselfers first. Let those companies target the 'hobby' musicians with disposable incomes to burn. Meanwhile, you and I will be here discussing our successes and failures, learning from them, and saving our hard earned cash.


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